Get Well !! Morning Banana easy to eat.

We call this menu "Morning Banana". It is another best-selling menu of "Sai Heal" in the past. The benefits of banana blended with grains, cooked corn, white sesame, chia seeds, real honey and using stevia extract instead of sugar. Adds flavor to make it easy to eat. Many customers choose to buy before driving to work. because you can sit and eat in the car on the way.


Morning Banana Smoothie Recipe
The ratio that has been sold
1.  1-2 bananas or bananas
2.  Boiled corn 1 tbsp.
3.  White sesame 1 tsp.
4.  Chia seeds 1 teaspoon
5.  Grains 1 tbsp.
6.  Honey 1 tbsp.
7.  Syrup from stevia extract The ratio of boiling syrup is 100 grams of stevia extract per 1 liter of water when used for cooking. Or make this menu, put only 1-2 tablespoons as you like.

When blending, add a small amount of drinking water. to make the blender work conveniently and crushed ice as desired Blended and then adjusted the amount and skilled enough to know how much water or ice should be put in 1 glass. according to the size of the blender jar of each house

eating bananas It is a popular trend in Japan. About effective weight loss Japanese people eat bananas as a substitute for breakfast. Because of the many benefits of bananas, whether they are constipation, help treat migraines, help sleep better, reduce obesity, reduce stress, nourish the heart, nourish the eyes, nourish the bones, are also rich in B vitamins. 1 and B 2 that help accelerate the metabolism of sugar and fat. It also restores the body from fatigue and weakness. There is potassium that has the ability to help in the excretion of sodium. which in the health care group already knew that It will help reduce swelling of the body.

Nowadays, our lives are in the hustle and bustle of breakfast. and ease of eating Some people wake up early I have to hurry to get dressed to go to work. There is almost no time to eat. In this case, if we practice eating bananas for breakfast until the stomach can adjust. We will benefit a lot. the body will recover brain power will increase Ready to work on a daily basis Bananas contain serotenin. Reduce irritability It also makes us sleep well and relax as well.

Multiple research teams The result came out that Bananas contain antioxidants. slow down wrinkles and its well-known properties are help prevent cancer like a raw banana In the past, when constipation I'll take a raw banana and mash it for you to eat. It really helps to cure constipation, thus guaranteeing the benefits of bananas. You can get it from raw until cooked.

When it comes to the accumulation of waste in the human body. caused by the consumption of food in each meal until making us fat ......... One thing that bananas can do is Aids digestion and excretion of those wastes from the body. That's why eating bananas can help you lose weight. But this requires a period of time to heal the body as well, namely, in addition to eating bananas instead of breakfast. or before bedtime We must control some foods that contain as much fat as possible. If you have time, you should exercise along with exercise to get 100% results.
I recommend bananas to eat for breakfast because you just spin the banana according to the recipe. put a glass in the car You can also eat on the way to work (I do it regularly), but on the first day there will be a little food. The stomach is not completely adjusted. What happened? Stomach ache, audience, but fortunately, pain before going on the expressway 555 which the expressway bathroom says. It's something that's very aesthetic. In my personal Because it's cleaner than the pump toilet and most importantly, there's both a butt sprayer and tissue paper ready. But why are you talking about the toilet? Haha. Sorry.

But the next day, enough to adjust the stomach It's much better. Wake up to excretion before taking a shower and dressing up when driving to work Shake a banana in a glass. in the stomach until noon After lunch, I will eat noodles or light food. I'm afraid that in the afternoon I will be sleepy and lonely. When it comes to food, why is it important? It can be said that food is a great booster for the body's energy. But we have to choose to eat food that is hygienic. to achieve maximum benefit I'm not advocating for refraining from oily food. It's delicious. You can eat normally. But let's bring the properties of Thai herbs to help, such as eating pork legs. It should have ginger to aid in digestion, etc.


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