Get Well !! How to blend beetroot without soil smell.

Beetroot has many benefits

Beetroot has many benefits, whether it is a red substance called Betanin (Betanin) is an amino acid. Which is already known to help prevent cancer as well. Because of this beta-nin It will help reduce the growth of tumors. It also helps the blood, wind and circulatory system work better. In addition to the bright red color of the beetroot We will also notice the purple substance in the beetroot. This substance is called Anthocyanin, which has special properties that everyone likes. that is an antioxidant (This word, if used to sell this Illegal Above you forbid, prohibit everything, forbid every word until the seller doesn't know how to explain the product itself, haha). It also helps to reduce carcinogens. and help reduce the risk of heart disease and paralysis

Oh my, just seeing the main properties of beetroot, I want to put it in our body, right? Before going to see my smoothie recipe Let's read the various benefits of beetroot first.

beetroot benefits
1. Beetroot contains anti-oxidants. Thus helping to prevent the degeneration of cells in the body. Drinking beetroot juice regularly helps to strengthen and strengthen. Reduce fatigue from exercise Makes endurance up to 16% more. If after drinking beetroot juice and excreting red contaminated water, do not panic. It's not blood, it's just the body's excretion of the red substance.
2. Beetroot extract rich in nitrates is beneficial for patients with high blood lipid levels. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Dietary nitrate improves vascular function in patients with hypercholesterolemia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. (Drink beetroot juice before breakfast)
3. It helps to increase blood flow to nourish different parts of the body better. (Drink beetroot juice before breakfast)
4. Help flush toxins in the body. (Drink beetroot juice before bedtime)
5. Help inhibit carcinogens and reduce tumor growth (betanin)
6. Help reduce the number of carcinogens in the body. (Anthocyanin)
7. Help maintain healthy heart and blood vessels.
8. Reduces the risk of heart disease (Anthocyanin)
9. Reduce the risk of paralysis (Anthocyanin)
10. Drinking beetroot juice helps to lower blood pressure. treat high blood pressure
11. Help relieve cough, sore throat (drink beet juice before bedtime)
12. Helps to expel phlegm (drink beetroot juice before bedtime)
13. Use as food to help treat constipation.
14. Use it as a laxative. (Drink beetroot juice before breakfast)
15. Diuretic (Drink beetroot juice before breakfast)
16. Help nourish the kidneys and gallbladder. (Drink beetroot juice before bedtime)
17. It helps to reduce swelling as well. (Drink beetroot juice before bedtime)
18. Beetroot has properties that can help solve the problem of irregular menstruation.
19. Currently, it is used to treat pustules or inflammatory acne. The lymph is broken, the result is satisfactory. By using 1 beet root to boil with the desired amount of water.
20. Drink it warm or eat meat as well. It will help treat acne and lymphatic damage as well.

For those who love to eat beetroot. But the problem with the smell of the soil which is the unique smell of beetroot. Originally, our shop "Sai Heal" had a Happy Beetroot menu for customers to eat. Which we use a mixture of other fruits to make our beetroot easy to eat, delicious and full of nutrients from fresh blending.

Happy Beetroot Smoothie Recipe
1. Beetroot 20 - 50 grams as you like
2. 100 grams of pineapple
3. 1/2 red apple
4. Lemon 1 tbsp.
5. 1/2 teaspoon salt
6. Honey 1 tbsp.
7. Syrup from stevia extract (mixture ratio 100 g of stevia extract per 1 liter of water, boiled in boiling water) Use only 1-2 tablespoons of stevia extract syrup as you like.

That's it, friends will get a delicious beetroot smoothie menu. that almost has no earthy smell that is the characteristic smell of beetroot

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