Get to know!! The origin of the belief of humanity.

the origin of the belief

• The origin of the belief of humanity.

The evolution of human beings comes with beliefs that are caused by many factors. But the obvious ones are the fear, the mourning for the departure of a loved one, the quest for power, self-acceptance and submission, etc.

2.1 Beliefs arising from fear, such as fear of the unseen the invisible or a beast that can kill people therefore set up something to hold the mind to represent the sacrifice Fear of sacred beasts thought to be superhuman, for example, in the past, there was a giant serpent that frightened the villagers. Therefore, a court make a pictogram to pay homage or worship with the belief that The giant serpent will not harm himself and the people of his tribe, for example.

2.2 Belief arising from the mourning for the departure of a loved one is the love of family When he died, he paid homage to the ghosts of his ancestors. because it is believed that the ancestors will not leave Still around to help children all the time. be a soul It is the energy that will be able to inspire happiness and fulfillment for the children who pay homage. Science believes that belief in this may be caused by the subconscious mind or imagine yourself but for any reason faith has come and exists in the memories of those people

2.3 Belief that comes from seeking power Derived from the tribes that are grouped together A medium is needed for anchoring. or as a tool used to judge something It is a clear indicator that is established by the belief that If you do this then that will happen. or making such a mistake must be punished like this Therefore, a representative medium was invented to use as an anchor and worship. which those things may or may not be real but for the supremacy to control human beliefs. Therefore creating legends or representations of such beliefs, such as tribal idols, haunting villagers to believe in the idols they intended to create. for the power to command, direct, induce or influence them

2.4 Beliefs for the purpose of self-creation, that is, when building faith for people will be able to control pass on one's beliefs to others into the characteristics of a sect leader disseminating teachings in their own way It is the creation of beliefs like one who is supernatural. able to act superhuman Make yourself an important person which the belief in this person Even the provincial rulers had to be respectful and respectful. where the believer must prove himself to be a magician or who is right in those concepts to win people's hearts too.

2.5 Belief arising from the surrender of certain powers that may be justified or cannot be proven These are often natural energies such as thunder, lightning, torrential rain, drought, gale, whatever, giving rise to faith in the origins of those energies. is a superhuman power and human beings must pay their respects in order not to plague their tribes. and create a representative to worship by believing The representative medium is the power of each type of nature itself.

When we consider the following can see that The transmission of various beliefs in the world originated from all people. There must be someone who started as a broadcaster. or make people believe the way they want them to believe. which those people must have customs that are different from those in the group And is the anchor of the minds of the people in the group as well. Therefore, in many textbooks, many inscriptions, it cannot be measured that What was recorded about the mystery will always be true Until these beliefs formed a religion and their ideas and practices were different throughout the world. But we Buddhists will adhere to the guidelines of the Lord Buddha as the main principle But it cannot avoid the belief of Hinduism or Brahmin-Hinduism. that can be attached to the same which Brahmanism - Hinduism It is considered to be the oldest religion in the world.

What the author would like to consider is that in the legends that are quoted from fairy tales. beliefs that are passed on It might be true. untrue made up story or a story told from someone's experience in the past, so those who study about it to believe in any textbook nor can it be based on the teachings of their own prophets. because of those beliefs may be distorted over time as well But one thing we Buddhists have learned from the teachings of the Buddha. is to be neutral and does not seek to be addicted


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