Going Deep!! The assumption of the birth of the gods.


birth of the gods.
• The assumption of the birth of the gods.

when talking about the legends of the gods whether greek mythology or the legend of the gods of the Brahmin-Hindu or any denomination in the world. All arise from stories, statues, idols, stupa for worship. that we have inherited from ancient times But have you ever wondered So who did these legends come from? Here, we will only talk about Brahmin-Hindu myths because it is a great influence on the minds of Thai people at the very end.

Actually, to mention this, the author may have to explain a bit longer. To see the images in sequence, that is, in the universe, there are many things that make us humans search and want to prove. Even how far the current technology has developed But the secret in the universe It's still an endlessly challenging puzzle. Scientifically, many sources of energy can be proven. However, many other sources of energy have not yet been discovered. In ancient times, a group of people or tribes always have a healer or a leader of the faith Those people might have an idea. strange practice such as asceticism, being an ascetic, a hermit, or a village master It can be said that it is the origin of various forms of meditation practice. therefore can induce Passing on their knowledge from generation to generation and practicing asceticism, thus accessing the energy of the universe. that flows to the earth more than ordinary people which in the science of Brahmin - Hindu These powers are called "sakti powers" in the belief that they are divine powers. It is the power of the Creator that is given to the human world.

when there is a surge or the emergence of sacramental powers on earth Therefore, there was the advent of faith later. according to ancient records for the first guru to begin to discover the power of sakti and inherited from their visions thus conveying the story as various legends and deities, and it is evident that Worshiping the supreme deity of Brahmin-Hinduism It is also divided into 3 sects, which differs from which of the great gods to be raised as the primary or is the largest

When there is a teacher would have faith When there is faith, there is creation. whether to create an idol create media symbols Create more connected legends. If you look well Legends about the gods It's no different from a large volume of literature that tells a story. Passed on to each other there. which is mentioned here We can conclude, "Oh, so the story of the gods is a lie."

because when creating an idol and offering sacrifices So those gods actually reincarnated. There is a real spiritual power. And miracles can happen as well. Why is that? That's because 100 human souls, 1,000 souls, up to 1 million souls believe in the same thing. faith in the same make the impossible possible It's human psychic power. who created the gods to personify as they are today

Another meaning of the birth of a deity is that any person in the time of being a human being has practiced, practiced right, and cultivated himself until he attained the highest level of meditation. When he dies, he will be born as a god, a saint, and be worshiped again as well. which in this manner We may be able to see a lot on the side of China. It is believed that those who practice until they complete the mission given by the heavens. will achieve a master or those who devote themselves to the benefit of others when the merit has ended will be born as a goddess or be considered by the heavens to be a Saint or Burma It is said that the "Nat" that has picked up the spirit of the deceased is supernatural.

From these beliefs we can see that Legend of the birth of gods on earth can be born from things invented by humans decorate the legend or may be a person with good heroism that when he dies from this world, he will be born as a deity or a saint in the Mahayana beliefs. Therefore, it is definitely not the end of the debate. When we study myths and beliefs Therefore, we should not be too determined and steadfast in those beliefs. Let's look at some of the realities of the world as it should be. To create understanding consists of

In many stories during the Buddha's time It is said that all the gods and deities are constantly composed. That's because beliefs about gods and Brahmins originated before Buddhism. It is therefore undeniable that Many doctrines of Buddhism was born from the Brahmins - Hindus, which are linked together and has become the most noble truth It is the true way to end suffering.

with an understanding of the birth of gods We cannot confirm the existence of these gods. because they were born whether by reason or any tricks of the priests and hermits in the past The reason for that is because in the past It is said that the cultivators Will be able to borrow or use the power of the universe as he wishes. Can play alchemy at will. To speak in modern European and American terms, it is “cosmic energy”. As the energy from beneath the earth erupted into the universe. turn around And it is believed that the person who can receive, transmit, and transmit is the human being about the chemistry of our brain and body.

There are records of the human body having mechanisms that can sense, perceive, communicate, receive and transfer these energies. This is the technique of the Brahmin hermits in the past. that can do alchemy conjure up amulets and can create distorted If it was the European way, it would be called "Wizard-Witch" and for the following reasons to have recorded stories about those teachers and the stories that the guru preached in the stories of the great gods in different ways, it is said that these mystical stories Normal people can't be touched. One must be rigorously trained to access, communicate and see these energies. because of the cultivation of the Guru in the past It is not like the practice of the virtuous today. In the past, he had tortured himself. Also known as "Dukriyariya", having a strong mind and body to achieve any request or blessing from the Great Devi. And there is another belief that to the human body How much divine power is transmitted from the universe (Sakti power) cannot be stored for a long time. human body suitable as a pass not suitable for collection Therefore, idols, statues, and sacred places were born. to charge the power of sakti for people to pay homage to blessings, such as building a pagoda building a pyramid temple building Underneath the base is a mass of minerals essential to support the energy from the universe itself.
Whether it's "Sakti Power", "Cosmic Power" or "Cosmic Power", they all have the same origin. is the same belief differ only in the method of practice and its effect. In Thailand, some are called “Clairvoyant power”, but if it is in the Chinese subject line, it is called “prana power” or “Qigong”, just like when we see a movie inside. Then there would be a word called “Sian Qi”. until it can cause various miracles
With all this, we can summarize the birth of these gods as follows.

(1.) Born from the guru who draws the pure energy from the universe to dwell in the idols. and compose legends and beliefs for future generations to worship and it is strange that The legends of those gods Still laced with passion, love, greed, anger, delusion, not much different from human beings.

(2.) born naturally like a big tree animals with superhuman powers or natural disasters that frighten and glorified them as gods

(3.) The practice of human beings to end the release of the present karma will become a deity according to faith.
And this was the origin of the goddesses. as well as the influence of human beliefs that is the origin of religion, civilization, customs and true local culture. and these factors It is the origin of the mysterious story of the Nagas according to the beliefs of Thai people. A story that has been passed down from generation to generation. What is the origin of these beliefs? Important situations that Thai people believe are caused by Nagas such as Naga fireballs or movement in water. any unnatural or the visions of the noble monks This book may have the answer for you.


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