Get to know !! Why Bodhisattva's hand must be like that.

Many people may wonder, like me, that. The flirting characteristics of the Bodhisattva statue or the idols of the gods in the Mahayana Sect, why is it that the hand flirting looks similar to the dance moves? and often we see the same flirting style in Indian Hindu gods. Today we come to solve the grievances together that the characteristics of flirting with that hand. Where does it come from?

#Open the legend of flirting with hands.


It is said that the flirting nature of the Bodhisattva or the goddess Mahayana comes from the interpretation of the 7 chakras, which must be understood first that “What is a chakra?”

#What is the "chakra" question?

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”, when it is interpreted in accordance with the science of meditation in order to absorb the energy of the universe that flows down to the earth. The power of the earth surging up into the universe. The word cosmic power therefore means “the cycle of life”, which is an infinitely rotating, alternating cycle of energy and also appear in the ancient Indian spell scriptures (Indo-Aryan) that has been inherited as well. The energy that flows from this universe It's called pure power. is holy energy If in India, it would be called "sakti power" if it was in ancient Egypt. which was later published in Europe and America as "cosmic power" or the power of the clairvoyant In the East Asia zone, like China, it is called “Pran Power” and in Thailand we call it. "Cosmic Power"

จักระทั้ง 7

What are the 7 Chakras?

1. Muladhara Kundalini or serpentine, symbolized by a four-petaled red lotus flower located in the middle of the perineum between the genitals and anus. It is the powerhouse of each life. Serves to absorb energy from the fire snake. or Kundalini that emerge from the center of the Earth and spread over hot areas such as volcanoes, hot springs, or through large trees. It is said that when we have the strength to do something immense, such as being frightened of a house on fire and being able to lift the refrigerator alone, or running away from something for 10 kilometers because we think we see ghosts, etc., these are all powers from the Moul Thar Chak. total Regulates the functioning of the prostate, sex and reproductive system.

2. Swadhisthana The symbol is a lotus with 6 petals, orange, located below the navel above the penis, cutting to the end of the coccyx. absorb energy from the sun and distribute the energy received to various organs, controlling the functions of the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, uterus

3. Manipura The symbol is a lotus flower, 10 petals, yellow, positioned around the waist. in line with the navel the center of emotion ambition unrefined needs It is a reservoir of energy within the body. Regulates the functions of the stomach, liver, stomach, intestines, digestive and excretory systems.

4. Anahata The symbol is a 12-petaled green lotus located in the middle of the spine, in line with the heart, across the middle of the chest. is the power of love compassion A sense of security, forgiveness, regulating heart function, breathing, has qualities associated with love, cheerfulness.

5. Vishuddha The symbol is a 16-petaled, dark blue lotus, located on the neck of the cervical vertebrae above the larynx. Regulates respiratory system, skin, thyroid gland, throat, mouth, tongue

6. Ajna Chakras (Ajna) The symbol is a lotus with two petals, indigo blue. Positioned in the center of the forehead between the two eyebrows. or the position of the third eye Regulates the functions of the lower brain and the castle system. Visual perception and hearing

7. Sahasrara The symbol is a purple lotus with 1,000 petals located in the center of the crown. relationship with the subconscious mind Hindu texts are believed to be the supreme center used to connect with the gods. Serves to absorb energy from the universe, sacramental energy, or cosmic energy. and spread through the body control work and commands of the midbrain

In addition, the various chakra points are also linked to the palm of our humans. where the palm can feel the energy and transmit it very well The connection of chakras and palms It will be as follows.

1. 1st chakra wrist

2. 2nd chakra at the tip of the thumb

3. The 3rd chakra at the tip of the middle finger 4. The 4th chakra at the tip of the little finger 5. 5th chakra, index fingertip 6. The 6th chakra at the tip of the ring finger
7. 7th chakra in the middle of the palm

and when flirting can thus convey the expression of various energies as well.

1. Thumb flirting with index finger means using wisdom, stimulating wisdom. to enhance meditation

2. Thumb flirting with middle finger means treatment. Abundance, favor of animals and prosperity in wealth

3. Thumb flirting with ring finger means communication with extraterrestrial knowledge. (Library of the Universe) or the connection to the inner Guru. Special insight and superconscious mind

4. Thumb and little finger means communication on the ground of all kinds, such as spirituality, energy around animals, trees, people.

And the gestures of flirting in these different ways, many people may have heard of the name Mudra, or hand gesture, marking the hand and the five fingers. which is the basis of knowledge of Tantra a sect of Mahayana Buddhism The origin is inherited from the practice of asceticism of priests and hermits and has 108 hand gestures. This concept is prevalent in Tibet, Bhutan. Besides the connection of the 7 chakras, mudra also refers to the fingers representing the five different elements as follows.

1. The thumb represents the fire element.

2. The index finger represents the wind element.

3. The middle finger represents the air element. 4. The ring finger represents the earth element.
5. Little finger represents the water element.

Some texts will represent the element of air and air. with the wood element and the gold element, etc.

Later, Mudra was transferred to Siam. with the appearance of the Bodhisattva and various Vajrasattvas in the Mahayana Buddhist style that came to the south of the Malay Peninsula and hand flirting in various ways, this is the origin of the dance in Thai dance textbooks since the Ayutthaya period. However, the style of the poses were all derived from the dance postures of Lord Shiva. the merciful blessing by going to dance for the world to see as a merit at Chidrumbram Subdistrict or Chidambaram which is in the south of India Up to 108 beautiful postures are widely known. and known as "Shiva Natraj"

This is why Why is the hand flirting feature of the Bodhisattva statue? Therefore, it is similar to the dance of Thai classical dance.


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