Going Deep!! What did the Naga come from?

"Phaya Naga" is called in the celestial realm only, which is different from the "Naga" that the ancient people mentioned. Will be used to call the serpent or the big snake that has a lifespan and is old enough to appear as a person. Create some illusions having the primary power from his own practice and when he dies, he will be born as a big serpent again by the birth of the Oppatika, clairvoyant close to angels but still clinging to the original world therefore appearing as a serpent when showing power.

What did the Naga come from?

So what kind of snake is that in the book "Nak"? It is a snake dedicated to asceticism. to escape from the beast and adjust the world to the naga world It is the next step before we can be born as a human. Eat only chicken eggs and human food. which snakes that come to ask for food from ancient people He would call those snakes "naks" before they go into hibernation until they die of starvation. and the mind was born as a serpent. When the penitentiary is aged, a crested crested occurs. and will cherish their pride

The advent of the Naga before becoming the Naga which are referenced according to the origin of 4 things, as many people know but in spite of this If we consider it Mentioning the Four Origins Refers to the birth of the animal world. What mechanical reasons would be associated with the origin of the Naga? There are reasons for additional factors to consider. because of the inheritance of the story Regardless of how it is referred to in the Tripitaka are often distorted by the broadcaster over time and the place always

(1) Andhacha is the birth in an egg. Of course, the serpent has a snake's origin. Therefore, there is a high probability of being born from an egg. but to enter into the realm of serpents according to belief Need to get out of the condition of the snake first. because the birth of the snake is the first When the snake ascetic itself becomes a naga but still not a serpent We will see only a few types of large snakes that fit the characteristics of Nagas, such as the King Cobra, the Green-Cabbed Serpent, etc. These snakes hibernate in caves or in deep forests. is his own crystal and will become crested when being a serpent, short or long, depending on their penance After the end of the beast world able to manifest the power of a serpent according to the strength of penance Some Nagas who were born in the Andasha style are said to have descended from their father's Naga or mother's Naga, they would have a deity from birth. have primary effects according to their origin and when it's close to adjusting the world will hold the ubosot precepts to become a serpent

(2) Chalaphucha is the birth in the womb. means being born from the mother's womb Found that there are many types of snakes that can give birth as well. And in the legend of ancient Hindu Brahmins it is said that The Naga that is compatible with the Naga together will give birth to a child of a naga including a naga that is compatible with people was able to give birth to a half man half naga which this legend, if you look at the facts It may be difficult enough. because the genetic material is different Maybe it's just a legend But another aspect of the birth of the Chalapucha is that Some animals can give birth to nagas because it is believed that Some Nagas have deposited their children with certain types of animals, such as elephants, according to Nagakti legends. or to be born as a person according to the beliefs of the Naga tribe That means depositing the mind according to the original birthplace. which when leaving the present world will be born as a serpent or in other words, any human being born, having karma, having faith will pray with the mind so that after death and being born in a naga world like this

(3) Sangsedja means being born in a pile of things, mud, dead wood, moist ash, blood, plants, flowers, etc. This kind of birth will immediately become a naga. have power according to their merit and when continuing to practice after leaving the serpent will enter the serpent world In other words, it means a person who has faith and prays to become a Naga. but with merit that is very contaminated with passion Therefore, it is possible to be born in the form of condescension.

(4) Oppatika is spontaneous generation by miracles. born and grow up This was the birth of a complete serpent. born and immediately entered the naga world according to belief which this advent you said it happened It is a dense formation of energy that can be sustained, manifest itself, create miracles. The power depends on the strength of penance. or their old merits when still practicing This power was not divided by the color of the family as many people understood. (These may cause the believers to confuse the caste of the Naga. One reason is because of the Hindu concept of caste division.) with beautiful scales according to their birth Even though there is a celestial body that is still attached to the Beast but has a high degree of enlightenment and can transmute or lurk in many kinds of animals such as snakes, elephants, horses, cows, or people, etc.

“From the legend of the birth of the serpent, it can be concluded that in the beast realm If there is a hibernation, meditate until it becomes a penance abstained from all sins It will be called "Nak" if it is powerful and used in the wrong way. When he is freed from the realm, he must pay for his karma. unable to enter the naga world and any future When born in the Oppatika style, it is called "Naga", which does not have a rough body. It has a celestial body, is very powerful, and can manifest itself as anything. with the power that arises from high penance This effect is called "Kharma Wipakcharit" or the power caused by bad karma Nagas in the naga world classified as a semi-divine world But with the old karma that was born into a beast therefore unable to reach the end of enlightenment The serpent therefore helps people who practice the Dharma. for charity and being reborn as one's own human being."


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