Get to know !! Every person has Personal Angel.


Many people may wonder. when we go to make merit The monks often say that don't forget to dedicate merit to their own deities. or even being widely spoken about your own angel. and there are many beliefs about the word The "personal angel" inherited from cutting, copying, and telling until sometimes readers or viewers are confused about their personal angels.


Have you ever wondered whether at times when we fall asleep while riding the bus to somewhere. But we always wake up at the right time. Some people when something bad will happen. There is always a reason to remind you to come to think of it. or delaying those events in a timely manner Some people like to drink alcohol until they lose consciousness. But it's strange that sometimes they can go back to their homes with nothing happened. and when he woke up, he couldn't remember anything. Some people look in the mirror and then feel that the person in the mirror is not yourself Who is the other person we can talk about? Some people meditate Then there will be a whisper in our ear or something inspires. let us do something Some people feel like a miracle has escaped death. And what happens here is the "personal angel" who helps you. But there are times when you make mistakes, such as reveling, taking drugs, gambling, or doing anything beyond remedy, and the punishment can be caused by your own angel. because you cannot get any merit from you You will have to remind you to think as quickly as possible. Some people are the best to heal His deity could do nothing but wait for that person to lose his fortune in the human realm. can't help can't be abandoned can only watch.

Some say personal angels are the souls of deceased relatives to take care of their children. Some people say that when we are born, there will be a soul or energy hidden in the body. which those energies are allocated into only one part of the body and another part will continue to revolve around us Some texts say that they are angels who are responsible for taking care of each person in order to increase their prestige and wait for merit dedication. considering this So who exactly is our personal angel? It is a doubt that lingers in the minds of many people. This article will gradually explain for everyone to think about it.

Human beings are known as "Noble beast" is different from the beast. The word "Beast" comes from the Pali language that Tirajchan means one who goes crosswise. which means having a body parallel to the earth That means that beasts cannot attain nirvana. which, if viewed from the point of view of biology There are also other types of animals that share feelings similar to humans, such as fear, sadness, anticipation, need, willpower, stubbornness, etc. For example, our pet dog Any house with a dog will know that. His animals have different feelings. but with the human brain and thought processes can evolve far beyond the beast can be self-polished That's why humans call yourself noble beast But in order to be noble, one must practice, learn, study and develop oneself along with living life.

In beliefs about the world or rebirth Buddhists believe that We are not born only once. but may have been around in the cycle of sorrow for many lives, and each person has karma related to each other, death and birth, birth and death, and to a new realm according to merit. Therefore, those who make merit create merit will be born in the landscape of the deva, the direction, the position, any castle, depending on the strength of one's merit As for those who practice until they are released will enter a state of nirvana, which means no suffering, no tiredness, no need to cycle and die in the cycle of sorrow and that's it is the origin of the concept of "personal deity".

When a person is born from his mother's womb have faith We didn't come empty-handed. We carry all the merits of the relationship that we have done since before. Some people are born lame and lose their legs. Because of the old karma that has been created, one must be born to pay for the person who is called Therefore, the idea that the self-deity is our deceased relatives may not have a complete meaning because of them may not always have enough merit to be born as a deity. Anyone who has karma must be reborn in a new world that pays karma. It may not be enough to be born as a person. Who has done so many evil deeds? Not being born as a beast of the underworld, as an emperor, as a sambhavesi, must be a beast, according to one's own karma, we cannot always measure the value of our ancestors to be born as gods. but whoever has done a very good deed Remembrance of Phra Sri Rattanatri throughout the life that has been created. Those merits will lead you to be born as a deity. to enjoy the world according to your merit And there is a possibility that you will come to bless and be someone's angel. to take care of your children

mentioned here Many people may be able to imagine that. Those who can become our own angels must have merit or karma associated with us before. The idea that we are a share of a mass of energy. That may be allocated 10% to our human form and 90% to our own angels that revolve around us. They are like twins that follow us. That is a concept inherited from Brahmins - Hindus. about the division of the incarnation of the great gods. Also known as "avatars" become different postures of those gods. which energy or soul to do so. There must be a great sacrifice. It's only a great sacramental power. So it can be done according to ancient belief The human soul that has gone beyond this realm is a lower god. can't do therefore cannot be interpreted as everyone is born because of the sharing of their angel soul. It is a concept that creates a false belief. until it is the source of the living for the mediums who will say "You have an image", "The god is taking care of you", "He has divided the region into you", "You will have to open the eyes of the teacher to succeed", etc.

Find your personal angel
personal angel It's something that you can only know for yourself. And each angel who takes care of you has different merits, powers, and miracles. Many people are born with certain tattoos. That is the reason for the belief that when your angel is alive You made a sign for yourself. for when you are out of humanity He will come back to find you in another life. Many people, when they were human beings, accumulated a lot of good karma. and believe that death will be born as an angel about the birth of a deity is similar to Oppatika That is, when the merit in the human time. immediately emerged as a deity not relying on the mother's womb Therefore, many people who wonder how is this possible that we all have angels identifiable Where will those angels go? This answer is linked to the idea that Angels can reside in many places. Angels with high merit power will be able to build their own castle in the air. It will be very high or less depending on merit. and are divided into layers as we know Including the power that comes from the accumulated power of contemplation. for the lower angels will be closest to humans and may have a passion that is closely related to human beings dwelling in large trees, in houses, or as we call them "Ghost House" at the shrine, or as we call it "The Lord of the Way" is at the Buddha image in the house. Buddha images of temples, stupa, pagodas, Buddhist places, various statues, etc., deities have places or images of bodies to reside, unlike Sambhawesi Phi Prat. that is a wandering soul may not be the primary source different from the spirits of the deceased ancestors that are arranged for welcoming, offering, and dedicating merit, mentioned here Many people would be able to figure it out. Who will be our own angel would have something to hold on to "Karma relationship" in the past is the set. The human body is like a machine. that if any soul in the body can drive and manage it properly will be able to add prestige and make the energy brighter when we were born When it is fertilized, our soul or spirit or energy also enters this process. and our protectors It is the personal deities who have karma related to us. Your angels may have their own castle. You may reside in your home. You may reside in a large tree in your home. Or you may reside at the Buddha image in your home. As the author said, "depending on the merit, depending on your karma, and your own angel" It's very broad. It cannot be told all in such a limited time. I have the opportunity to tell you more. As for the belief that The angels have divided the mind to be born into you. I would like to consider the possibility as much as possible. The division of the mind, also known as avatars, can be done in a very strong energy, being a great deity or a ruling deity who is worshiped forever. This worship was like invigorating the gods. because many human souls come together thus giving rise to power, worship and praise will bring power and the soul that has been divided or the incarnations of the great gods Must be a person who has enough merit and prestige which ordinary people cannot do. Most of them are the noble monks in the past. or the Great King

Your personal angel may be your sorcerer.
Many times the concept of a personal deity will protect you from danger including your lord But it cannot be avoided that Sometimes your sorcerer is your own angel as well. which is a matter of inevitable karma Some people promised that If I were born as a human let you watch over me But when you were born as a human I'll be watching over you, like this. to wait for the birth of their loved ones to make a contract to be an angel These are all based on past actions. So it's something that can be done confidently. because of them It must be someone who has existed for you in the past for sure. such as the author himself Excessive eating time Your own angel is punished. Lose your wealth, your phone, your wallet. and appear to be seen until friends often say, "Oh, who did you come with today? Where did you go? go to the bathroom? I saw a big guy standing in the back.” Or sometimes the waitress regularly brought two glasses and told us that it was two of you, and every time I was greeted like this. There will be a loss of property and money happening to the author every time. When the fourth time the author is confident. and since then I practice more when I can. and when he laughs with his friends, he will support his mind as well. in order not to cause negligence.


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