Going Deep!! Who did the Naga's first parents?

Kasayapathep Bidon Considered as the great teacher of the hermits in the early days of Brahmanism - Hinduism is one of the seven great hermits of the world. Also known as "Sapata Hermit" (7 Hermit) consists of Gotama, Pattarawaj, Wisawamit, Chomthatsanee, Wasit, Kasayap and Attri for the Lord Kasayapathep Bidon. In that faith said, he gave birth to gods, humans and all beings. But the legends of Brahmins - Hindus is a great variety. Such as the scriptures in the Tri-type and the Brahmamas scriptures mention the birth of Lord Shiva that he was born from Queen Surabhi and his father was Kasayapa Thep Bidon. With the origin of the legend, he gave birth to many gods. Therefore, it has been known as "Thep Bidon" or directly translated is the father of the gods.

According to legend Prajapati's skills gave the 13 daughters to Phra Kasayapathep Bidon but there are only two daughters who are competing with each other namely, Nang Winta and Nang Katru Nang Katru therefore made a wish to have as many children as possible. That blessing resulted in Queen Katru. have a child with a thousand eggs and when the eggs hatch into nagas to 1,000, in the part of Mrs. Winta I wish I had only two children but to be more powerful than the son of Queen Katru Then Queen Winta gave birth to 2 eggs, later the two eggs refused to hatch. Queen Winta is excited. therefore breaking the first egg out appeared the figure of a half-body deity. due to birth before a reasonable time This deity, named Arun Thepbutra, is as powerful and powerful as the wish of Queen Winta.

Arun the god son was very angry with his mother. which caused the body to be incomplete due to breaking eggs before hatching time. Upon knowing the envy of the monks to Queen Winta therefore cursed her mother Winta Had to be a slave to Queen Katru for 500 years, but with her mother thus alleviating the curse that If Queen Winta can wait for the second egg to hatch in the next 500 years. The son in the second egg will save Queen Winta from this curse.

Later, the two queens wagered a race about guessing which color of the horse's car that the sun would be, with a condition. If anyone guesses wrong must be enslaved to the other. Create a body to insert into the horse's carriage of the sun. to change the color from white to black. Queen Winta had to become a slave of Queen Katru for 500 years later, when the second egg hatched successfully. Became a serpent named "Ventai" (meaning the birth of Mrs. Winta) knowing that the mother was deceived, defeated by the intrigue of Phra Nang Katru. So he asked to redeem his mother from the Nagas. which the Nagas, the sons of Queen Katru, agreed but there is a condition They had to bring them the elixir that Indra kept in heaven to allow them to release the Wentai mother.

So Wentai agreed. but before leaving The mother urged that On the way, if hungry, eat only the people of Nisath. (barbarians) and do not harm the hermits or absolute brahmin Wentai accepted, and along the way caught only the savage Nisaths. do evil and eat food But still not full until I met the turtle Vibhavasu and elephant supratika The greedy brothers and sisters snatched each other's treasures until they cursed each other into giant turtles and elephants. Therefore, Ventai flew to the island of King Sai, where the dwarf hermit lived, known as "Palkhiya" (according to beliefs of Brahmin-Hindu Mention a dwarf hermit that is only the size of a human finger. Dwarf hermits are followers of Lord Shiva. and praising the Great God with a pure heart) with so heavy that the banyan branch couldn't bear the weight, broken down, but when he saw that there were dwarf hermits residing Wentai took the banyan branch and flew it to the hill of Hemkut.

The hermits saw a beautiful mind, so they called them "Garuda", meaning heavy burdens, and wished that they could do whatever they wanted. and has great strength no one can resist when such a blessing Garuda therefore fights to win the elixir from Indra that is equal without losing or winning. The knowledge of Vishnu had to come and mediate. as he knew that Garuda will bring the elixir to help the mother. therefore can be taken and gave the blessing of immortality to Garuda even if he did not drink the elixir Garuda then gave the truth to Lord Vishnu saying Will be a vehicle for him to ride. For this reason, Garuda has another name, "Suban", which means magic hair and is the reason for the origin of "Nara Song Suban" that later, when Garuda brought the elixir to the Naga and then created a ruse that Indra immediately went down to win the elixir back in order not to let all the Nagas grow up in the future in which the scramble causes the elixir to drip down the top of the grass Nagas regret the elixir So he licked the leaves of Ya Kha until his tongue split into two. And this is the origin of the snake, that's why the tongue has two lobes.

For this reason, Garuda and Naga are enemies. Nagas come from powerful snakes. In Sanskrit many mentions such as urga, sarapa, bhujanga, naga or nakhi, which in the Mahabharata of ancient India Mention many important nagas such as Sega (Ananta Nakaraj), Wasukri, Taksaka and Irawat, but are divided according to the legend of each sect that respects which god is the greatest. will be in the order of the beginning of the King and in the part of the phuchong naga that Thai people believe Not found in any records. assumed to be

serpent because it was claimed that the Naga Phuchong It is the majestic naga of Lord Shiva. But in the Mahabharata, or records that were transmitted in the name of Naga, most of them but with the image of the serpent-headed Naga may have emerged in later eras. And the word Bhujong means naga or big snake itself.


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