Get to know !! How to steam Chrysanthemum flowers on the way of the villagers.



White Chrysanthemum flowers.

This article will take everyone to know how to bake white chrysanthemum flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, also known as Chrysanthemums. which is a family tree from China and widely planted in other countries, including Thailand At home, we will grow 2 species, yellow chrysanthemum. with white chrysanthemum Today we will take you to see the white chrysanthemum plot. And the process of baking with firewood oven in the folk wisdom. how will it be.


Chrysanthemum can be harvested once a year during the winter and the best propagation is during the rainy season. Therefore, processing to store chrysanthemum flowers for sale is very important. If it's the end of the rainy season, the beginning of winter or the rainy season, sun drying or solar ovens Might not be able to do so, so came up with the idea of ​​making a wood-fired oven. in order to better control the production.



How to steam white chrysanthemum flowers.

When the chrysanthemum flowers are collected They will steam them to sterilize them before they go into the oven. It takes about 3 minutes to steam, then knock it into the prepared sieve. and conveyed to the firewood oven in the next order.





firewood oven ideas.
For the idea of making a firewood oven is to build a room with cement. Then put a sheet of iron under the base of the room. After that, the plaster is completely covered before the soil is put on top of the steel sheet again. Including having to make a nose for us as well. is the way out of fumes to prevent smoke from entering the oven room Otherwise, the chrysanthemum flowers will also smell smoke.




How to bake white chrysanthemum flowers.
As for the baking time, it is important to look at the firewood. Including the amount of chrysanthemum flowers that are already steamed and conveyed into the oven, how dense is it? because the more you wear will make the baking time longer and have to keep adding firewood Including checking the dryness of the chrysanthemum flowers periodically as well. and a beautiful circle It's hard enough. The tips section for that Dried chrysanthemum flowers of Samoeng will be a circle It's with the steaming process and then knocking it out here.




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