Go Travel !! Chae Son national park in Thailand.

Chae Son National Park

Chae Son National Park

For this article, I will tell the story of my trip to Chae Son National Park, Lampang Province. Where this Chae Son National Park is located? ... There is a connection path that can go out of Chiang Mai province, but may have to traverse and a little crooked In the park. The area covers Muang Pan District, Chae Hom District, Wang Nuea District and Muang District. The total area is about 768 square kilometers.

Chae Son hot spring

For outstanding tourist attractions, The national park are both Chae Son waterfall and the hot spring.  The waterfall with cool water flowing through the year. There is a stream where children can play and walk and explore the nature trails from the hot springs to the 1st floor waterfall, or you can walk up to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. But let me tell you that this nature trail is quite tiring because you have to walk up the hill according to the steps that the park has prepared for tourists. When you reach the 2nd floor, you'll probably be tired.

Chae Son national park in Thailand

In addition, within the park, there is also a place to sit and relax or is it a small camping under the big tree that is still green and shady I can tell you that this place can be visited all of the year.  Whether in winter which most tourists prefer to rest near with the national park, because there are quite a lot of homestay accommodation Including many attractive natural resorts at affordable prices or anyone who is going to stay in the park, there is a place to stay for tourists as well. It is comfortable, both the bathroom and the room are clean, ample parking. There is also a welfare restaurant.

Chae Son national park

Another highlight of this tourist attraction is the hot springs, which are hot enough for us to poach eggs and bring them back to eat at home.  Where our soft-boiled eggs It is a special type of onsen eggs.  That is, blanched for about 17 minutes, we will get the egg white that is soft rubber and the egg yolk is cooked just right.  The taste is similar to the onsen eggs in foreign countries.  To be careful when we poach eggs, the eggs should not be broken at all. Frying cracked or cracked eggs in a hot spring. The eggs will absorb the sulfur fully. The taste is also quite stubborn.

Chae Son Hot Spring

There is also an onsen hot spring service as well. Which can choose whether we will soak with friends or to soak alone It is a single room style. Inside there is a shelf, a sink, a shower and a hot spring. For many of you who have been to many hot springs in Thailand, you will know that the temperature of the hot water is quite high. We need to adjust the body gradually. Bring the hot water up and take a dip. The body part immersion in hot water It can only be done in less than 10 minutes. Because after that, it may be faint and faint. From relaxing and loosening the tendon, it can become a sudden negative effect on the body.  For this Jae Son hot spring, it will not have a hot and cold water adjuster for us. Therefore, you must be very careful about taking a hot bath here. But if we go in winter I assure you that you will not want to come out of the hot water ever. There are many places in Thailand that have hot water regulators and pipes to turn cold water on. which we can choose to adjust the temperature that we are satisfied with and can be used for hours. But no for here.

Ban Par Meang

After we are satisfied from walking to see the waterfall and soaking in the hot spring, we continue to Ban Pa Miang. which the path up to Ban Pa Miang can drive through Chae Son and go up.  If coming from Chiang Mai, you can also come on the Mae Kampong and San Kamphaeng route as well. The roads are quite small and steep, driving requires a high level of caution. Especially during the rainy season, it will be quite dangerous. Because the road is slippery. Notice that along the side of the road, there are green ferns and moss all around. That's a slippery one. Suggest that if you are not proficient in the route It is best to use a car rental service, or slowly drive along the route carefully, it will be safe for sure.

Go to ban pa meang village

Ban Par Miang

For this Ban Pa Miang It's a small village on the edge of a mountain, seme as the E-Tong village that we introduced in the last travel. But will be more peaceful and shady because it is full of forest trees and Miang trees that villagers use for their livelihood and at present villagers have more knowledge of agriculture. So turned to grow coffee and mulberry.  Where tourists can roast coffee and grind and brew your own drink as well. Well, it is truly a creative tourism village. Small village who want peace and tranquility. So they don't want too much noise. The purpose of relaxation is probably the best. If going up to set up a drinking circle. Not recommended for this place. In terms of shops and restaurants, there are some villagers who open their houses to serve. But not to much, there is a service tube pump at the top. In case anyone suddenly runs out of fuel, there is still some place to rely on. There is a garage at the entrance to the village. It can be said that there is an emergency situation and there is a solution in this village.

Ban Pa Miang

At Ban Pa Miang, there is a small waterfall. flowing through the village It's called Namtok Song Pan and for this trip, me and my friends I didn't stay here, because our time is limited. So we can only drive around and see the atmosphere. But I think that if I have free time, I will go to rest for 3-4 days. It should be a good place to gather my consciousness. For this trip, there are not many pictures.

Ban pa meang

Chae Son waterfall


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