Get to know !! 5 things that make you rich.

make you rich

Some people seek success, some people rethink, what is that happened to myself? "Why am I not rich?" 
First of all, we need to understand that. The way of life with people. If a person who does not have the basis. The analogy says that they costs are not the same. That is it low cost people opportunities to grow will be more difficult than those with big costs. But some people came out and said. The cost is very small, not relevant. It is about perseverance, patience and perseverance. Create opportunities for yourself .... for this the author does not agree much. Because people who have been given the opportunity since childhood. With those who have never been given the opportunity, it is very different in Thai society from the past to the present. People who have been through a lot of heat and cold will understand it well. Can you imagine a child with foster parents? received warmth from family. They will be able to grow and have better potential than in Thailand. About children whose families are deprived, there is almost no money to send children to school. These things are clearly divided in Thai society. Therefore, to say that the cost of life is not equal, is not an obvious factor.

But no matter who grew up at the turning point of life will have to seek success for themselves together. Low cost people or people with high costs will build on their own success as much as possible. Maybe partly because of talent, but people are indispensable. Which is the blessing of seeking, because as long as the effort is not enough It will definitely never find success.

Have you ever noticed that people who are rich from low-cost people do how to be rich? How many hours a day does he have to work? And how does he work that he loves? So success happened to him. Today, Thai education Focus on creating people for labor is an employee in the organization but does not focus on creating people for self-employed or how much inspiration New graduates have to run around looking for jobs in companies. or large organizations to create stability for themselves graduated from sales went to be a debt collector, graduated from accounting, went to be a salesperson at a department store Have you ever wondered whether Why is it like that? ... What is clear is Some Thai children do not have a systematic education plan. And I never knew myself that what do you want to be or want to do something until continuing to study Some people study with friends Some people study as much as they can. Without even knowing that after graduating, I want to work as I intended to study or not. The other group will be given a picture of the future by their parents. study according to parents work according to parents. Another group is someone who paints their own dreams and truly follow your dreams but for whatever reason to step towards success It must be motivated enough. coupled with great effort.

What do people who want to be rich have to do?
People who want to live a rich life You have to cut a lot. What are the factors that interfere with wealth? for example.

Eat, drink, travel unnecessarily > This kind of life is for those who have money left over. If you've got the rest, go for it.

Buy luxury items by brand name > Life like this is for people with money left over. If you've got the rest, go for it.

Drugs > This kind of life is for those who have money left over. But as a loser, if you're like that, go for it.

Gambling > This kind of life is for the greedy. I want to have something that's not my own. Get 10, lose 100. Still won't stop. If you are like that, do it.

Invest according to the trend I don't care about the risk > this kind of life is for those who don't find themselves, follow them, do what they do well. Life that is imitated without identity, do it.

Share more than necessary > This kind of life is for those who don't frame themselves. I think that making merit and making merit will bring some luck. Do this until there is no money left to collect. But let's do it to have a social presence. Friends wear 100, I have to wear 200 in this life. Feel comfortable. Let's do it.

Now let's look at the factors that make people who are already rich get richer. and people who are not rich. Have a higher chance of getting rich.

1. Study and learn how to think of the rich. They life and history from the poor, Why did they get rich? How did they inspire you? Why does they have today? Look a lot, look often, absorb success from them.

2. Rich people work 12-14 hours a day in the area they want to build themselves. The average person works 8 hours a day, folding the folders home. sleep, watch movies, listen to music and complaining today is very tired.

3. People who want to earn ten thousands dollars per month. You have to put your mind to work to build on what you love, so you need to know that and do it from the heart with real effort. Seriously learn more.

4. Indomitableness It's an important factor for rich people. No matter how many times you fall, how many times will it hurt if you are patient, fight and develop yourself? Accept the opinions of those who have experience. Not stubborn, not stubborn. Rich opportunities will come to you.

5. Anything that can be saved, should be saved. Being too extravagant. It is a factor that clearly interferes with wealth. especially for the body building period Let's have a pile of money still. Eat flowers without difficulty. What will we do? No matter how you live your life, don't risk it. If calculating that "I'm going to take this 50,000.- money for a trip" and life is more risky. Don't be complacent, don't think, come on, you can find it whenever you want. Because if something unexpected happens, money 3,000.- you still can't find it, it's possible, so "don't be careless"

6. Find yourself and when the goal is set make it a success What abilities do we have? What is it that we like the most? Some people like to play games They also play until they are rich, they are gamers, they are net idols, some people like gambling. Open a gambling website, etc., just for example. don't support anything


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