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Go Travel!! If you come to Thailand and prevents unfair taxi price.

Many people may have visited Thailand. And be fed up with unfair taxi travel in Thailand just because you are a foreigner. Although there are measures to prevent the exploitation of tourists and the tourist police to help. But these taxis have always created inequality for tourists. Just because they disrespect tourists visiting their own country. Tourists often run taxis and are charged unfairly, making it difficult for them to refuse. But nowadays, in Thailand, we have a Grab application that is very convenient for tourists. The Grab application is the most fair, but there is a risk that taxi drivers will be displeased. So if you're going to use Grab, you'll want to make sure your accommodation is safe and private enough for Grab to pick you up. The reason for this is because in Thailand there is still a hijacking of passengers from Grab drivers and regular taxi drivers who will express their displeasure when Grab Taxi picks up passengers in their area. The actions of regular