Get to Know !! 16 benefits of bamboo leaf that you should know.

Bamboo Leaf

Bamboo is a multi-purpose tree that has been associated with people's way of life since ancient times. Bamboo can grow in all types of soil. and all weather conditions Resistant to sunlight and rain well, has a long life. It is said that the bamboo will die only when the bamboo blooms. After flowering, it will die. which takes a very long time Bamboo has the ability to absorb water from the soil layer. And spit water back into the soil periodically, adding moisture to the forest and bamboo leaves when they fall to the ground. Can also cover the ground to prevent weeds. And create moisture as a soil fertilizer quite well.

With the ability to preserve the ecosystems of the land and forests like this, bamboo is a wonderful plant that many people may overlook. Have you ever noticed that When we are under a bamboo or bamboo umbrella, we feel cool. fresher than usual That's because bamboo It can emit 35% more oxygen than other plants and can absorb up to 5 times more carbon dioxide ever. Therefore, where many bamboo plants are planted, they will benefit greatly from bamboo plants. As we will see people planting bamboo along the banks. to prevent erosion of the soil along the riverbank itself In addition, bamboo prevents the blowing of storms. And acts as a barrier to slow down the flow of wild water as well.

Let's talk about the benefits of bamboo leaves. Many of you may not know that bamboo leaves can be made into healthy drinking tea. In addition, the taste and smell It also smells good. Let's see the process of making bamboo leaf tea first. How to do it?

First of all, you have to cut out the beautiful bamboo leaves and clean them thoroughly. After that, use scissors or anyone who likes small pieces to use a knife to cut it. (Personally, I will cut it into pieces.) When the bamboo leaves are cut, you can roast them in a pan. (Must be a separate pan from the kitchen Otherwise, the fishy smell will definitely go into the bamboo leaves.) Roasting in this pan It is called the process of stopping cell growth in bamboo leaves. The language of tea-makers is called Bamboo leaf massage itself. After kneading the bamboo leaves until they were completely dry, the aroma slapped up. Let us bake bamboo leaves in a hot air oven. (For me, I use a charcoal oven. because it smells so good) or who doesn't have an oven? It can be taken to dry in the sun. But the aroma and taste are different from baking. After going through this process until then. Bamboo leaves are completely dry. and ready to be tea for drinking

16 benefits of bamboo leaf tea that you should know.

1. Absorb toxins in the digestive tract and intestines. It also relieves flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea as well.
2. Maintain strong oral health, both gums and teeth, good at suppressing bad breath.
3. Aids in sleep Make you sleep well and relax
4. Stimulates blood circulation
5. Reduce cholesterol from the body.
6. Helps in detoxification
7. Nourish the skin to be bright and radiant. high in collagen thus helping to eliminate dead cells well
8. Cure a hangover
9. Helps maintain the functioning of the brain and nervous system
10. Helps lower blood pressure
11. Relieve symptoms related to menstruation. (for ladies)
12. Diuretic
13. Help reduce blood sugar.
14. Treat abnormal breathing and asthma
15. Drinking bamboo leaf tea in the last month before giving birth will help make childbirth easier
16. Enhance immunity from silica and other minerals in bamboo leaves.


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