Get to know!! Private chats that are not private.


When we use social media Many people tend to understand that the social media service area. It's yours. You can post, drama, whatever. If only privacy settings Others are not involved. which in fact, maybe it's not the right idea. Because such storage is an investment of the owners of the social media networks we choose, so we are not the owners. It's just a service user who is limited by social etiquette. and rules that must be followed Whoever breaks the rules will be banned. That means you are not the owner of the space completely. You're just a member.

At the same time we are confident in the security of various applications. Whether it's a private chat, group chat, closed group, etc., there are many to choose from. because of confidence Including doing various business through social media that is thought to meet the needs, speed and ease of use. Especially in this era. The coronavirus has spread so much that everyone has to work at home. Relying on social media to work The more the owner of the area that we use can reap profits from investments with full efficiency because all of us in the world right now to complete marketing victim.

The reason for this claim is because Everything you think is private There is a lengthy security policy for us to read before you press Agree, Agree, Disclosure. to be accessible That's illegally breaking your daily routine. Whether it's a chat between boyfriend and girlfriend, father and mother, children and parents or whatever secrets we reveal in the chat. It's all collected by an intelligent program that can tell you who, what, where, when, how, what you like, what you don't like. Or what do you miss and what kind of media do you watch? It was recorded quickly, for example, when we talk to friends that "Today I want to eat shabu." Just close the chat and you will immediately see an advertisement for shabu shop. Or are you scolding politics? When you go to watch a video in a social app There will be political news coming up for you to see immediately as well. Or even anyone who thinks that they tell you through important secrets via chat. I think it's something that only two people know. In spite of the fact that we are secretly spying and collecting all the information in the entire system base

And this is the smartest investment for all of us hosting social media hosts. Harvesting the user experience to explore human behavior, and now all of us on the planet have been documented in a directory. Sometimes we just search in search engines what we want to know. This information will also be found on other social media that we are looking for this information. and the ad page will follow. not only that phone message Or the email will pop up to alert us to read a lot. Or the hardest will be a call to present information at all. That's because of the companies that are responsible for these marketing efforts. Get enough information to make a promotion to present itself.

Therefore, disclosing any information via social media that is a personal channel have protection laws And the owner of the media space has actually vouched for it. but be aware that We are providing all information for screening purposes. The disclosure of such information, whether it be chat, video calls, we have all the stories indexed. company prospects business opportunity way to build a business are stored as well. Ask if it's dangerous The answer is that it definitely doesn't fall to competitors. Because as mentioned above, the privacy policy. Covers the security of information for us. But if asked if everything is stored or not, the answer is yes. Therefore, it is scheduled to delete the database. Like any files that we leave for a long time will be deleted there. Just like the original where the wishlist has been stored. It doesn't have to exist to waste space like that.

And this is quick and easy to use. that we have to exchange for one of the pieces in the social board the one who holds all the secrets Own the area and if one day This information is used in a malicious way. How will every human being be a target? Still can't imagine it either.


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