Get to know!! The Legend of the Golden Child in Thailand.

The Legend of the Golden Child in Thailand

Many of you may have read and know about the Golden Child in Thailand. but may never know the true history. Today I'm going to tell you the story of the Golden child for everyone to read.

Golden Child
The legend of Kumarnthong has been going on for a very long time. Starting from being influenced by beliefs and rituals related to the consecration of talismans and ancient magic rituals. Bringing the corpse of a child who died before birth or after giving birth to consecrate. Dry the child's corpse completely by grilling it on fire and sprinkling it with herbal powder to preserve it. After that, conjure the soul with magical powers. The spirits of those children were believed to have the power to protect those who call themselves father or mother. Such fathers or mothers can be commanded to go on the mission of their own desire. which is only a legend

Nowadays, Kumarnthong is made of magical objects or what Thai people call special masses. It consists of clay cemetery, clay cheddar, clay, incense that people worship, ashes from cremation of the dead, and many others. Making a golden child like this will use magical objects according to the subject line of a shaman. This type of pediatrician is called a pediatric ghost.

The golden child is made of various kinds of metal and has been consecrated by a monk to have power and is known as the child god. Both species have to be fed as people who need food and drink every day. The babysitter will talk and make a wish with the child to make him fulfill his wish. It is like a golden child as his own child.

Beliefs about the Golden Child are deeply rooted in the foundations of many Thai people. Although no frightening pediatrician was ever created at present by consecrating a baby corpse. But the belief in children's gold is still prevalent in Thailand. Golden pediatrics from reputable schools are also very popular in other countries as well. Technological growth along with people's trust seems to go hand in hand. Although many scholars came out against the superstition. But it did not diminish the faith of the people. In Thailand, it is common to pay homage to the sacred and the invisible. A spiritual belief that is so deeply rooted that it is seen as a backward country. At the same time, modern Thais will disagree with certain unprovable beliefs.

When it comes to the legend of Kumarnthong that has been a partner in the way of life of Thai merchants and businessmen for a long time. There is a mystical story that has been told about the power and abilities of Kumarnthong that sometimes it is accepted to other countries. Many sorcerers said Modern pediatrics will carry the spirits of children who have died from abortion mothers. Once a child's soul leaves the body, it cannot be reborn. due to death before the correct time Therefore, the spirits of those children must be imprisoned in the golden child's puppet. to wait for the end of karma and to be reborn People who raise children must make merit and donate the merit to them. Doing so will create good deeds because it is like helping a child's spirit inside.

Once you've heard of this terrifying story, would you like to have a golden child with you?


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