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Get Prediction!! How you can use the tarot cards to telling lucky fortune?

 It is a joke that inner life is sometimes expected with luck. In some countries, worship is performed for good luck. By the nature of good fortune always comes upon us at the right time and it is easy for us to get through the problems. It is better if we can predict which day we are going to have.Do you have a good fortune? On which day will fortune run in? The use of tarot cards for this event is already defined in the book I wrote. Making you with the wheel of fortune spread for the purpose of measuring what day and when you will experience luck. That method is simple. Just open three cards each day and read the meaning of cards that have a chance of getting lucky about money. Which of course must be all three cards to continue predicting what the best time of the day is if you pick up the first three cards and don't succeed. So, the next day, pick it up again. When you pick up a card that means good luck, pick up 12 more cards to find the best time of the day by following t

Get Prediction!! The tarot cards element.

The Tarot cards Elements are divided into four elements. Important for energy prediction as explained in detail. Those four elements are divided into earth elements, water elements, wind elements, fire elements, compatibility and destruction as follows. The earth element and the wind element are the elements that destroy each other. Because the wind can blow and destroy the earth wall while the rock mountains were able to block strong winds as well. The water element and the fire element are the elements that destroy each other. Because water can put out a fire. While a strong fire can dissolve water to evaporate. The wind element and the water element are neutral to each other. because the wind can not destroy the water surface. While the water waves can not destroy the air. The fire element and the earth element are neutral to each other. Because the soil can extinguish the fire. while the fire can also burn the soil to ashes. It is said that these two elements, they can act

Get Prediction!! The heart of Tarot Cards Prediction.

  The Heart of Prediction. 1. Remember the meaning of the cards. A good way to remember the meaning of the cards is that you should create keywords for each card in your own deck, such as the fool may be "free and stubborn love" or the empress may be "complete mother”, etc. 2. Make the questions clear. If you want to checking the general situation where predictors don't ask questions you can use Celtic cross spread. If the predictors are asking questions, open another spread according to that question. If you do this, the cards will tell the situation one at a time until you can understand it as a story. You can link until you find the best answer to all questions as well. 3. You need to concentrate on predicting. This purpose not to guide the cards with your own subconscious mind, is necessary since guiding the cards will pick up the cards that are like your mind. Because, one thing tarot cards do well is to read the Fortune teller’s mind. 4. You have

Get prediction!! How to reading the Tarot Card for the target audience.

Read the target audience from the 40 number cards. For the description of this target audience. Used when you want to ask "Which audience should I target with your product?" as I have already explained. As for the individual cards and Major Arcana cards, you should be able to predict the target audience quite easily. Because there is already a unique identity Therefore, only 40 numbered cards are described as follows. 1 of Pentacles People who are collectors, investors, money earners, payers, fanatics, are the ones that follow and pay as much as they can. 1 of Cups Family related, family business, newborn care, fulfillment work, social happiness assignment, mother group with young children. 1 of Swords People with purchasing decision making power, risk taking novice investors, ironwork enthusiasts, small construction equipment store owners.   1 of Wands Social developers, caree