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Page of Wands reading

Person Cards "Page of Wands" Storytelling: In the picture shows a young man holding a cane with both hands as he curiously looks at the green leaves from above. His robe has salamander, which is a mythical creature related to fire and change. Stopping and staring at the cane, meaning that while he is inspired by growth from the top growing leaf. He did not do anything. Behind which is a dry, mountainous terrain, indicating that, he has the gift of finding growth and potential in the most unlikely places. He is powered by ideas and can do the impossible.

Power level of cards: good.

Naughty children. Alienated from their parents to study far away. Mostly living with relatives or others. People who work for extra income from an early age, even if they are well off at home or diligent. This card can also mean a long journey.

Meeting love with such a person. A situation of love that may have to travel to school or started work. For some reason that may have to be some distance away. The start of a relationship that requires a relatively long period of time is possible.

Fast-working employees, diligent, but lacking in resolution. Often, they have to check and correct themselves. This can mean a situation where they travel close to work or often have to travel back and forth between states.

Nearby travel, good news, more study, opportunity to show off your potential skills has arrived. Good Started of diligent at studying and a powerful moment will result in how successful you are.

It is a time to start-up. Finance is level enough. This card doesn't convey any good luck, but if there are Eight of Wands and Three of Pentacles cards included, it means a close trip and get money.

The characteristics of your children. Referring to a family trip, going on vacation or visiting relatives in the provinces. In other words, a family trip of a particular family member.



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