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The meaning of Page of Pentacles

Person Card "Page of Pentacles" Storytelling: From the picture shows a young man standing in a field with blooming flowers, behind him is a small tree and a newly plowed field. Gives confidence that a lot of harvest will take place in the future or have just passed harvest. The mountains on the horizon show challenges and obstacles to overcome throughout the decoration. His way, the big intact tree, shows a good environment. Holding a gold medal in his hand and checking it thoroughly as if discovering a way to earn gold and create even more abundance in the future as well.

Power level of cards: very good.

The characteristics of a person born to a parent's fortune. Trading ability, anything is a good financial direction. The person born with perfection, giving a good thing to parents, a well-planned financial discretion at a higher level. Can build up their status on their own or build up their business very well.

Meeting such a person. Someone who is not kind to anyone because they think money is rare. The characteristics of a couple who are very careful about spending money, but it is not like they are stingy, just paying for everything base to be fair.

The nature of a family who is diligent, but doesn't like to work very much, hires as much as they do. Has no permanent attachment, lives for money, is wise, but always thinks more of benefits than anything else, but is honest about money. Trustworthy, meticulous, to see the other cards for make predictions.

Saving money from an early age. A situation in which one believes in one's own ability. Is good at numeracy and accounting, so is science.

There is a basic financial fortune from birth. A financial fortune that can be further developed in the future. financial has no problem.

Characteristics of children. They are born to benefits for your parents. Older relatives are affectionate and supportive. The situation means harvesting crops in the family.



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