Get prediction!! Ace of Cards reading. The cards of the beginning. Meaning of The Tarot Cards in my guide book.

Ace of Cups meaning

#Ace of Cups reading.
Love: The beginning of a new Love, Love comes.
Work: Start a business within the family.
Study: Getting a trophy.
Finance: getting a gift, a gold ring glass.
Family: New home, new child (birth) in family.

Ace of Pentacles reading
#Ace of Pentacles reading.
Love: Meet a people who like to pay, get a dowry.
Work: Financial work, banking work, releasing loans, getting new capital, jewelry job.
Study: Get a scholarship.
Finance: Gain unexpected luck, gain money.
Family: Receive inheritance money or insurance money.

Ace of Swords reading

#Ace of Swrods reading.
Love: Some decisive decisions on love
Work: Job decision power, rank man
Study: Appointment as class leader.
Finance: Momentarily stuck, deflationary.
Family: buying kitchenware sets or buying craftsmen's supplies.

Ace of Wands reading.

#Ace of Wands reading.
Love: New friendship from a new job.
Work: Get a new job, new Project, lead offer a new job, new duties received.
Study: Good study, graduation of honors.
Finance: Financial startup from investment.
Family: Buy Wooden Furniture, plant a tree.



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